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Why Choose Us?

How Sandsclinic works


Set up your account in minutes. This is quite easy and could be done by clicking on Sign up. Then fill in the forms with your personal details and medical history. This ensures our doctors have the right amount of information to provide the best care for you. If you have any challenges completing sign up please call us on 07044378165 and we would be happy to help


After completing your registration , you would be directed to the subscription plan where you can choose your subscription plan. The plans include the standard, premium or corporate plan. We are flexible that way


Congratulations and you are part of the Sandsclinic care network. Feel free to use the search bar to read up on your symptoms or you could choose to speak to a Doctor now or even book an appointment. All this with the click of a button.


Patients Testimonials

I never imagined seeing a doctor could be so easy and convenient. Saves me money and time of not having to go to a hospital and wait for an appointment.

Comfort Etim

Sandsclinic practically brings a comprehensive healthcare service package to your doorstep, wherever you are. Great work to the team for setting this up

James Isede

I used to be really anxious about my little baby having health conditions, especially at night, but being able to always contact the Sandsclinic doctors really took away that anxiety

Debby Daniels

I literally had a doctor’s appointment while I was stuck in traffic. Saved much time and I would definitely continue using Sandsclinic and recommend them to my colleagues at work.

Solomon Akpoghe