About Us

Sandsclinic is your friendly neighborhood medical center just without the physical presence.

At SandsClinic, we believe that everyone deserves access to proper, safe, up-to-date medical care. To make this a reality, we have integrated the needs of patients with access to professionals to create a platform that facilitates remote consultations, monitoring, and management, linking people to the wider ecosystem of healthcare with a variety of available solutions

Who We Are

We are a fast-growing telemedicine company with the sole aim of providing convenient and affordable healthcare that saves customers time so they can focus on family and every other thing that matters. This is done through a combination of technology, unique clinical skills, professional support, and all the requirements to provide the best care for our clients

Our View

At SandsClinic, we are utilising a vast network of partnerships in the establishing and delivery of services to a growing number of patients. Our unique solution seamlessly integrates into the existing healthcare system, adhering to the National Standards and Guidelines for providing healthcare services in Nigeria.

Our Heart

At the heart of SandsClinic lies the commitment and values of premium healthcare services, to deliver life-saving healthcare services nationwide

Meet the Team