This is a feeling of unease and worry which could be common in most people however it becomes a problem when it occurs on regularly. A little anxiety could help like before an exam, people get anxious which could help them focus and prepare better.


It could have both psychological and physical symptoms.

Psychological symptoms include feeling uneasy, difficulty in sleeping, tearful, alert, being irritable and feeling on edge.

Physical symptoms include, heart pounding, chest pains, sweating, reduced appetite, breathing faster, headache, increase need to use the toilet.

Self-help tips

Talking to someone would always be advisable, it could help take the weight off.

Relaxation techniques like yoga does help calm us down when we get anxious.

Breathing techniques, sleeping and remembering that we could do with a little help sometimes makes a difference.


Antianxiety medications could help, some people will need medications if they have much physical symptoms, getting counselling could also be beneficial and lastly you may need a referral to a psychiatrist.

When do you get in touch with Sandsclinic?

If you feel anxious and would like to speak to someone, we are always there to help. We could also prescribe medications and review/ follow-up when needed. Talk to us we could make the difference.