This is blockage of the arteries by blood clots thus stopping the flow of blood from one region to another.


A blood clot does not usually have any symptoms until it blocks the flow of blood to part of the body. This can cause several serious problems, including:

Heart attack: Blocked blood supply to the heart muscles with symptoms of chest pain, mostly on the left side but radiating towards the jaw, mouth or left arm. It is associated shortness of breath with feeling clammy and unwell. It should be treated as an emergency

Stroke: When blood flow to the brain is cut off; common symptoms include face dropping on one side, weakness in one arm and slurred speech, but it depends upon which part of the brain is affected, and how large a part of the brain is affected

Transient ischaemic attack (TIA) or "mini-stroke" : when blood flow to the brain is temporarily blocked, almost similar to a stroke but it is temporary

Limb ischaemia: When the blood supply to a limb is blocked, causing it to become painful, discoloured (either pale or blue) and cold.

PS: These are medical emergencies so please call an ambulance or go to the nearest emergency department.

Self-help tips

Stopping alcohol, smoking, exercising and keeping a healthy weight through good diet is essential in preventing any thrombosis.

Some people could have medical conditions that would pre-dispose them to having blood clots and might need medications to prevent their risks.

Checking your cholesterol levels is important as a high level could increase the risk.


Depending on the condition, please remember this is a medical condition.

Most times you might require medications to improve blood flow, dissolve the clot or thin the blood to help it flow better. You could need a procedure done to remove the blood clot as well hence you would need to be investigated and reviewed to tailor your treatment.

When do you get in touch with Sandsclinic?

If you have any of the above concerns, please call an ambulance or go to the nearest emergency department.

We could review you after to ensure you remain healthy.