This is a mental health condition, an eating disorder which leads to rapid weight loss that becomes detrimental to health. It is more common in teenagers and in females though the rate in males is rising.


Please remember that people with this disorder tend to hide their symptoms.

Checking their weight regularly, counting calories, leaving meals in a hurry to vomit, feeling unwell due to rapid weight loss, thinning of the hair, dry skin and weakness are a few of the symptoms.


This would require a mental health assessment as patients lose much weight which affects their lives.

A referral to a psychiatrist is key to management, in addition, a referral to an eating disorder clinic would also help.

When do you get in touch with Sandsclinic?

We could review patients with similar concerns. The key is to make a quick diagnosis and refer promptly to get help. Having blood tests done could also help to ensure we identify any biochemical abnormality, dehydration, and infections.