This is also known as Tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) and it occurs when the strip of tissue connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth is shorter than normal. It is found in babies and sometimes does not cause any issues.


Most times it does not cause any issues, and if it does, tends to cause feeding related problems like cucking issues which is more common Breastfeeding problems

To breastfeed successfully, the baby needs to latch on to both the breast tissue and nipple. Their tongue needs to cover the lower gum so the nipple is protected from damage.

This could lead to, difficulty for the baby to attach to the nipples thus causing longer feeding times, lack of weight gain, clicking sound usually heard while they feed and due to lack of adequate feeding the baby tends to be hungry all the time.

Self-help tips.

Observe newborn babies and their feedings as it is usually the first sign.


A simple sniping is required only if it affects the babies feeding and it is usually a very minor procedure.

When do you get in touch with Sandsclinic?

If you have any feeding concerns with your baby, please get in touch as a simple video call could help with the diagnosis.