This is chest pain which is caused by a slight narrowing of the heart vessels. This is very common especially as we grow older, with the pain coming on when we are active or exercising.


The most common presentation of angina is Chest pain or discomfort. Some people describe it as a dull, heavy, or tight sensation in the chest which lasts for less than 30 mins or when the exertion subsides. The pain could also radiate to your left arm, neck, jaw and could easily be mistaken for indigestion.

Other symptoms are dizziness, breathlessness, and nausea with feeling unwell.

Self-help tips

Exercise regularly with adequate diet.

Avoid smoking and reduce alcohol intake.

Checking your blood pressure regularly will help.

Ensure you keep an optimal weight.

Avoiding stress, relaxing, and having a decent rest when possible.


Medications can help but most of them would need to be prescribed.

Before commencing medications, you would need to have some investigations done to make the diagnosis.

When do you get in touch with Sandsclinic?

If you have any chest pain or any of the above symptoms, you would be asked a few questions which could determine how we manage it. We could get you to have tests which would guide your management and discuss more on the self-help tips needed to stay healthy.