This is a very common problem in most men and women with no particular age preference.

Common causes are:

Anal fissure (please see more details on the medical list)

Haemorrhoids: These are anal tag swellings which are filled with blood vessels. They could bleed hence causing a dramatic picture of fresh blood in the toilet bowl. Other times they could cause itching, pain or asymptomatic.

Anal fistulas and abscesses:

This is a tunnel linking the outer and inner part of the anal region and is usually caused by an infection. It could cause pain with throbbing, itching, sometimes blood in the stool or even fever and making you feel generally unwell.

Self-help tips

Constipation could cause most of the above conditions hence should be avoided when possible.

Please avoid using perfumed or scented products down below as it could cause irritation.

Monitoring diet, avoiding alcohol could also help


This depends on the cause of the pain and would need to be investigated.

When do you get in touch with Sandsclinic?

If you have any of the above concerns, please remember there could be different causes hence talking to Sandsclinic could help.