ARLD is liver damage caused by drinking excess alcohol over long period. It is usually reversible when alcohol intake is stopped early until it gets to a point when it becomes irreversible.


Most people do not have any symptoms, others present with: Abdominal discomfort and pain, feeling unwell with loose stools, tiredness, yellow eyes and skin, swelling over the legs and a distended abdomen. Some people even develop itching with a rash, loss of hair with even confusion in the later stages.

Self-help tips

It is important to limit the amount of alcohol consumed.

An amount of 14 units has been worked out as an average per week to both men and women.

It is also better to spread the amount consumed over the week rather than having 14units in 1 go

Please remember 1unit of alcohol is equivalent to half a pint of strong lager like STAR.


This would depend on the stage of liver disease. Stopping the consumption of alcohol would make a huge difference, however you might need a review from a specialist as well.

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