An abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is a swelling of the aorta which is the main blood vessel that supplies blood to the body. It is dangerous if not spotted early and is more predominant in adults over the age of 65 yrs.


Some people with an AAA have:

Pulsations in the centre of the tummy

Abdominal and lower back pain

If an AAA bursts, it can cause:

Severe abdominal pain with dizziness, feeling pale with shortness of breath, feeling faint with a fast heartbeat. Eventual collapse as death if not treated on time.

self-help tips:

Be cautious when above the age of 65 and consider having regular checks.

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Exercise regularly, it helps.

Check and ensure your blood pressure is well controlled.

Evidence of family linked AAA so please be extra cautious if any family member has it.


Medical emergency.

Could be monitored, however would need surgical management if it grows beyond a certain length or symptomatic.

When do you get in touch with Sandsclinic?

This is a medical emergency. Sandsclinic would be happy to advice but you would need to go to the emergency department if there is any suspicion.