Tailbone pain (coccydynia)

Coccydynia is a pain felt in your coccyx. This is the last bone at the bottom of the spine (tailbone). Coccydynia will often improve on its own after a few weeks. 


The main symptom of Coccydynia is pain and tenderness in the area just above the buttocks. You can get it if you injure or strain your coccyx or the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

In most cases, the pain will improve over a few weeks or months. 


There are several treatments for Coccydynia.

Simple measures you can try at home are usually recommended first and other treatments may be used if these do not help.

The main treatments are: Self-care measures, such as avoiding long periods of sitting, using a specially designed coccyx cushion (doughnut cushions), applying hot or cold packs to your lower back, and wearing loose clothing.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) painkillers that you can buy from shops and pharmacies, such as ibuprofen.

Persistent symptoms lasting longer than eight weeks may benefit from: Physiotherapy, exercises, massage and stretching, injections of anti-inflammatories (corticosteroids) and painkillers into the coccyx or surrounding area.

When do you get in touch with Sandsclinic?

Managing pain is what we do, we could prescribe a range of analgesics when needed. We could get imaging done if needed and refer to specialists should the need arise.