These are bacterial infections that form under the skin and it forms a lump which could be painful. They are mostly common around the armpit, groin, and head but it could be found anywhere in the body.


They are common over high friction areas in the body but most commonly around the armpits, groin, and face. They could get infected with pus forming on the inside which tends to make it more painful. It mostly self resolves by the pus bursting and draining itself without leaving a scar.


These form in clusters and could grow to a big size; they tend to be painful and are sometimes filled with pus. Some patients could get signs of a systemic infection like fever, vomiting, worsening pain and even feeling unwell.

Self-help tips

Avoid trying to drain the boil/carbuncle yourself as it could make it worse and cause it to be infected.

Adequate hygiene also helps and could just be all you need to fix this condition.

If you notice there is a boil or carbuncle, you might need hot compresses to help keep it localised, it eases the pain and could help make it much better.


Self help tips help, pain medications could help as well.

In some cases, antibiotics would be needed especially if there are any infection concerns.

Some cases would require a surgical drainage to ease symptoms with antibiotics as cover.

It rarely needs a specialist; however, some people might just need to be referred.

When do you get in touch with Sandsclinic?

If you have any boils or carbuncles that are not self-resolving, if there are any concerns of it being infected as we could prescribe antibiotics. Get in touch, we just might know how to get it all out.